What A Game Night!

Last night was wonderful! It was game night with family and friends.  With a very casual start but an uproarious finish (Like only African-Americans, Dominicans  and Cubans can do it).

The night begin with the NFL playoffs, pizza, and a pleasant game of  dominoes that turned into World War 3 when a certain ethnic group (Cuban and Dominican chicks whose names I shall not indite) entered the game. They were counting dominoes and winning, which did not sit well with the rest of us. There was no harm to anyone though because black people know how to rig a game up (#winning)!

After some jokes and a few more rounds of dominoes we brought out the world-famous Taboo. Now, anybody with a competent brain knows how intense Taboo Can and Will get! Your adrenaline gets going. Anxiety takes control of you. The words just fumble out of your mouth. Teammates start screaming out words before you can even finish explaining the word on the card! And when people can’t explain and the pressure is just too much, profanity is blurted out! Oh, the pressure! We were playing with such passion and intensity. So intense that my team had the word immigrant and the Dominican chick knew exactly what it was after one word of description! No hesitation. I will tell you no lie.  After a few drinks and trash talking my team went on to lose by a landslide, 30 – 19. See what had happen was our team captain (whom I did not approve of) put us in a  5 – 0 hole. And we never recovered.

As the Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings game came to an end (Packers won), the liquor started to kick in. Laughter something like this,  raps like this…  and dance moves like this…  ensued.

End of the night!

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