Happiness Is To Generate Enthusiasm And Ignite Curiosity

Thought Catalog

Happiness, in my opinion, is making your mind a more interesting place to live in. It does not mean eternal joy, because that is simply not realistic and if joy were constant it would become the norm and therefore we would be desensitized to it. Happiness is to generate enthusiasm and ignite curiosity.

Happiness is the desire to continue to experience. The times in my life when I am the most happy are when I am interested in something (living a passion) and I’m so engrossed in how this passion intrigues me that my other concerns seem to fall to the wayside.

I’m not saying this makes happiness more attainable, but I am saying that it makes it attainable. Our lives will never be constant, steady or predictable. Joy will come and go, as will sorrow and suffering. What makes all of it worthwhile is feeling as though you have…

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