A Ranking Of Every John Hughes Movie

Thought Catalog

Very few filmmakers have the ability to make a movie that captures the feel of a generation. For John Hughes, it was common practice. His movies were an escape from reality but also made you realize how much magic was around you every day. There will never be another John Hughes and for that, we are forever grateful to him. While these films are ranked, just because some are lower on the list does not mean they’re bad movies. He rarely made anything that wasn’t superb. The top tier movies are extremely difficult to judge against one another so please share your thoughts!

31. Home Alone 3

None of the original cast are back? No thanks. Not even a young Scarlett Johansson as Molly Pruitt can save this one.

30. Drillbit Taylor

It’s unfortunate that this Owen Wilson dud was his final project, but I think we can all agree…

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