Today’s Motive: We All Get 24 Hours A Day

86,400 seconds a day


Motivation: Sacrifice


“To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.” – Eric Thomas

To A Marvelous Friend

I felt a cool breeze as I walked along the curve where we used to dream of everything.

The lonesome street smelled of this scent you occasionally wore. Everyone hated it, but not me. A peachy, ocean,  strawberry-apple medley. Yeah, that was your aroma. I remember you’d wear this black leather jacket and these red/grey sneakers all the time. Your hair was slightly messy but that had just been your style. You had a lot of that… style.

The most inspiring smile on the planet that no other could manage. We’d laugh for hours everyday, uncontrollable fun. We’d grin when people said things that we thought were dumb. We’d make up silly games because we thought the normative was lame. We made a pact that being different and creative would be our claim to fame. Not things that would impose shame. A wise man once said “the most honorable thing that you can do in life is stray from burying your family name.”

I can hear your voice every now and again. Sweet, soft words being spoken. Full of candid promise and delivery. You made happiness inevitable. We’d walk and talk for miles without feeling weary. I guess being in each others presence was astonishing and nothing else had matter.

We were our favorite book. Our favorite song. We didn’t have a favorite movie. We always said it’d be to hard to choose one. But I believe we could have been our favorite movie too.


I miss you!


A Beloved Friend