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A child’s behavior is a mirror image of his/her parents’ values.999580_10151601420902945_393524085_n


Today’s Life Lesson: No Drugs

“Death in this situation is drowning. Your central nervous system stops working, so your lungs stop moving. When your lungs stop moving they fill up with body fluid. That means that your brain stays alive, while you die. But your body can’t do anthing about it. And people out there who think, “Oh I don’t even care if it kills me ’cause I’ll just fall asleep, and I’ll be high, and it’ll be great.” That’s BULLSHIT! It’s not going to be like that. It’s going to be terrible! People say, “Time is a healer.” It isn’t! It really isn’t. All that you do is put on a slightly thicker skin to deal with the pain. He would of been dead 2 years in a couple of weeks time. It’s as fresh and as raw as it was the day I got that phone call. In fact, sometimes it’s worst. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I really wouldn’t.”

Glenn Le Santo on the use of drungs after his son Nimai Le Santo overdosed on drugs (Cocaine, Amphetamines, MDMA, Ketamine, Liquid G, and Heroin).

Jessica’s Reign

Lost Boyos

After spending yesterday in the past, today we jump right forward to the present day. In the latter of part of the first 100 years of US soccer, the men’s game has been slowly catching up with the rest of the world. The women’s game, however, has long been ahead of the pack and is looking to stay there with the introduction of a new league this year, the National Women’s Soccer League. We spoke to Wales captain Jessica Fishlock, currently of NWSL team Seattle Reign, about life and football in the US.
The last time we reported on Jessica Fishlock, it was midway through the 2012 FA Women’s Super League. Her club, Bristol Academy, eventually saw her clinch a very respectable fourth place finish, and as well as bagging herself four goals along the way, Fishlock ended the season with several awards, including the coveted WSL Players’…

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10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women But Probably Won’t Tell You

Thought Catalog

1. Excessively Drunk Women

When I was a boy I thought a group of drunk women was the move. When I go to the club now and see a chick throwing up in the bathroom, I get repulsed. Whose mans is this?!

2. All the way turned up

Why I can hear you in a club on any night is a problem. It’s loud, there’s loud music, and still I can hear your voice shrieking over the speakers. Or what about those women who can’t control their volume when they’re drunk and try and talk in your ear but they’re screaming?

3. Negative Women

These women think everything is wack. “How about this lovely 80 degree weather today?” “This is wack, why these girls think it’s ok to be wearing their open toes?!”

4. Impatience

They hate waiting. They are the type to tell you to let them know when…

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“Gabrielle Molina, 12, was found by her screaming sister at 2:30 p.m. yesterday in the small Queens Village home she shared with her parents and two siblings. The tiny pre-teen — who barely stood 5-ft tall — left behind an anguished suicide note that referenced her torment and apologized to her family for taking her own life. Molina’s sobbing father, George Molina, said that his petite daughter was slowly wearing down from the constant emotional abuse.” – NY Post. Every parent’s nightmare became someone’s reality yesterday. Bullying is absolute. Your child is either the victim or the culprit. Take action.