Today’s Motive…

“I can go into action on anything in my life. Nothing is stopping me, but me. No challenge in my life has any power over me.”- Les Brown


Today’s Life Lesson: No Drugs

“Death in this situation is drowning. Your central nervous system stops working, so your lungs stop moving. When your lungs stop moving they fill up with body fluid. That means that your brain stays alive, while you die. But your body can’t do anthing about it. And people out there who think, “Oh I don’t even care if it kills me ’cause I’ll just fall asleep, and I’ll be high, and it’ll be great.” That’s BULLSHIT! It’s not going to be like that. It’s going to be terrible! People say, “Time is a healer.” It isn’t! It really isn’t. All that you do is put on a slightly thicker skin to deal with the pain. He would of been dead 2 years in a couple of weeks time. It’s as fresh and as raw as it was the day I got that phone call. In fact, sometimes it’s worst. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I really wouldn’t.”

Glenn Le Santo on the use of drungs after his son Nimai Le Santo overdosed on drugs (Cocaine, Amphetamines, MDMA, Ketamine, Liquid G, and Heroin).

The Fascination with Hope’s Solo Perspective: The Media, Critics, and Followers

Athletes! We all love them.

Some become huge stars. We give them high praise. We put them on pedestals. And we swarm to them after every game.

That is, until they do or say things to make us ”hate” them. That’s when we began tarnishing their name and everything they’ve accomplished.

If you have been keeping up with the sports world these past two (2) years, you’re familiar with Hope Solo.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock. Here are a few facts about the best Keeper in the world.

Hope Solo is the Goal Keeper for the USWNT (soccer). She’s very confident, highly competitive, has a splendiferous name, and speaks her mind.

Oh, and to just about every guy’s notion, Hope Solo is the hottest thing moving.

Nevertheless, over the past six (6) years there have been a few ”controversies” involving Hope Solo. Or, what I like to call, disagreements. However presented, they’ve shed a negative light on her character. Many are repulsive and bleak.

We all know that Hope Solo is a headstrong and straight forward individual. She has very strong opinions and never tries to sugarcoat them. The people who ”hate” her are most likely unable to handle her direct honesty.

Many, often, disagree with Hope Solo’s opinions and the choices she make off the field. Surely, most of us say and do a lot of things others don’t agree with. The difference here is our personal lives go unreported. No cameras in our face. No reporters questioning our mistakes. And there’s no national spotlight shining down on our every move.

People get so frustrated by Solo’s ”antics” and overlook an important aspect of her stardom. That is, she’s a great athlete playing a beautiful game that she and her teammates made plenty of us love. Hope Solo does not have to adapt to the media, critics, or followers. Solo didn’t choose them. They chose her. They ought to adjust their expectations or move on to some one else. Very simple.

Moral of this concise story?

Stop looking for Hope Solo to divert from who she is and what she stands for. Stop nip-picking at every event in her life, good or bad. Lastly, stop crucifying Hope Solo for mistakes of yesterday that have served as lessons today.

We cannot request perfection from others and be ourselves flawed.

Despite the distractions, Hope Solo remains a winner on the field and that’s the objective for any champion, win. Character is not inscribed into championships. Ask Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams or Tiger Woods. They are all greats in their respective sports. The greatness in which they possess did not come from conforming to others, but by hard work and staying true to themselves. And Hope is true to being Solo.

We all fell in love with Hope Solo the player. Her character was obscure. If we stop fantasizing for a minute we’ll see that off the field Hope Solo is a human being. Like the rest of us, she’s going through the motions of life.

To A Marvelous Friend

I felt a cool breeze as I walked along the curve where we used to dream of everything.

The lonesome street smelled of this scent you occasionally wore. Everyone hated it, but not me. A peachy, ocean,  strawberry-apple medley. Yeah, that was your aroma. I remember you’d wear this black leather jacket and these red/grey sneakers all the time. Your hair was slightly messy but that had just been your style. You had a lot of that… style.

The most inspiring smile on the planet that no other could manage. We’d laugh for hours everyday, uncontrollable fun. We’d grin when people said things that we thought were dumb. We’d make up silly games because we thought the normative was lame. We made a pact that being different and creative would be our claim to fame. Not things that would impose shame. A wise man once said “the most honorable thing that you can do in life is stray from burying your family name.”

I can hear your voice every now and again. Sweet, soft words being spoken. Full of candid promise and delivery. You made happiness inevitable. We’d walk and talk for miles without feeling weary. I guess being in each others presence was astonishing and nothing else had matter.

We were our favorite book. Our favorite song. We didn’t have a favorite movie. We always said it’d be to hard to choose one. But I believe we could have been our favorite movie too.


I miss you!


A Beloved Friend